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Virtual Halloween Balloon Race

Why not try something different this Halloween and sign up to our virtual balloon race. The balloons will take off from spooky Bran castle on Halloween morning (31st Oct) at 9am!

To enter the balloon race this is what you need to do:

  1. Create an account, it only takes a few seconds
  2. Buy a balloon (or more!) or gift a balloon to a friend! (£3 each)
  3. Customize your balloon (decorate, add helium etc.)
  4. Watch the live launch from Bran Castle @ 9am on the 31st October (uses Google Maps)
  5. Have fun tracking your virtual balloon using google maps & live weather data
  6. Please forward onto friends/family & share our post on Facebook/Twitter.
  7. Good Luck!

There are prizes for each race

£500 Cash

Apple iPad

10 lucky winners of £10 Book Tokens

Plus special bonus prizes for all high performing causes or charities

  1. Sales in excess of 500 balloons – £50 for furthest balloon flight
  2. Sales in excess of 1000 balloons – £100 for furthest balloon flight
  3. Sales in excess of 10,000 balloons – £1000 for furthest balloon flight