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Interview with Yossi Shiloh

The European Molecular Biology Organisation recently published an interview with Israeli A-T expert Yossi Shiloh. It was Yossi’s team that first cloned the ATM gene back in 1995, since when he

Portrait of Yossi Shiloh

has been at the forefront of research to understand A-T and identify possible paths to treatment. Over the years, Yossi has received many awards for his work.

In the interview Yossi talks about how and why he became inspired to study A-T, the long but ultimately successful efforts to identify the gene and the challenges still facing A-T research. He also talks about the identification of the cause of A-T-like disorder, a much rarer condition closely related to A-T.

While the interview is long and in places a bit technical, most of it should be fairly easy for a non-scientist to follow. To read it, click on the image below.

EMBO reports – interview with A-T researcher Yossi Shiloh.  

Front page of interview with Yossi Shiloh