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Call for research applications 2020

TreAT neurodegeneration

For the next few years, the Ataxia Telangiectasia Society is primarily focusing its research efforts on understanding and treating the neurological problems caused by AT and the loss of the ATM protein. This is the feature of AT which has the greatest impact on every-day life for people with AT. It not only affects movement and manual dexterity, but also speech, eating and nutrition, posture and potential scoliosis and it also contributes significantly to the development of lung disease.

More details about our research programme and priorities are set out in our research strategy which you can read here.

The AT Society has launched a call for projects which will lead to major advances towards our being able to treat neurodegeneration in AT.



The project must have the potential to make significant progress towards achieving one or more of the priority research objectives set out in section 4 of our Research Strategy.

Projects can be for one or more years, up to a maximum of three.

We will look particularly favourably on projects that have clear, positive objectives which are relatively easy to communicate to a lay audience. This is because, in addition to the value of the research in itself, we want to maximise the potential for encouraging new support, to enable us to maintain and take forward our research programme.

Other qualities we will value are innovation, collaboration and a clear focus on improving the lives of people with AT.

Application Process

This call has a slightly different format to the usual. Initial applications are to be submitted on a simplified application form, which focuses on the scientific aims and methods of the project. This should accompanied by a Statement of Impact telling us how and why you think your project will lead to real progress. These will be subject to an initial assessment by the A-T Society’s Scientific Advisory Board.

The applicant whose projects the Board feels have the greatest potential will then be invited to attend a presentation day in January 2021 in London – either in person or by video link. Here, researchers will present their projects in person to the Scientific Advisory Board, as well as a number of other stakeholders, including representatives of pharma and people living with AT.

In the period leading up to the Presentation Day, the applications will be sent out for further peer review and applicants will be required to submit more detailed information, particularly financial and institutional.


Deadline for submitting initial application: 4th September 2020

Results of initial application notified: by 12th October 2020

Submission of detailed application: by 1st December 2020

Presentation Day: to be confirmed; likely to be 11-15th January 2021

Initial application

Initial applications should be made using this form. This focuses on the science and methods of the proposed project and the knowledge and experience of the team applying.

There is no longer a requirement for a video but please include a covering letter stating how your project will benefit individuals with AT and your commitment to AT research.

For further information please contact Penny Jeggo by email