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Please use the button below to make a donation to the A-T Society:

You can use this link to make credit/ debit card donations or to set up a direct debit:


Or you can send a text – Simply text ATGIVE3ATGIVE5 or ATGIVE10 to 70500 to donate £3, £5, or £10 to the A-T Society.*

If you prefer to give by post, please print the donation form and send it to us.

If you would prefer to set up a standing order in Euros or make a donation in Euros then please print off the Euro donation form and post it to us.

Our donation facility is very efficient but does not give you the opportunity to say why you are making the donation. If you are keen for us to know please do drop us an e-mail and we will ensure the donation is recognised appropriately.

Your donation is banked through CAF donate.  If you when making your donation you choose to tick the box which says ‘no further contact’, we are unable to write and thank you for your generosity.  So, just to be sure you know how much we appreciate your support and recognise your wish to opt out of contact, we’d like to say an enormous “Thank You” on behalf of the A-T Society and everyone we support now and in the future.

Thank you.



* The A-T Society (registered charity no:1105528) will receive 100% of your donation. You may be charged for one text message at your network’s standard or charity rate. We’d like to contact you with news and information about other campaigns, but if you’d rather we did not contact you again then include the words NO INFO at the end of your message e.g. ATGIVE10 NO INFO. Charity text service provider Vir2 helpline 0330 660 0425.