Working with Companies

As a national charity we can offer a variety of ways for companies to extend their Corporate Social Responsibility commitment and enable their staff to work with and support the charity:

  • To generate both team work and a sense of achievement, consider entering a team in one of the Dirty Dozen Races events around the UK.
  • For the keen cyclist looking for a one day high, look no further than Ride London, an intense 100mile challenge event starting at the Olympic Park, taking in the famous Surrey Hills and finishing in front of Buckingham Palace.
  • We have places in the Brighton Marathon in April.

Companies image

  • We have places in the British 10K London run in July. It should be possible to obtain other places for your company if you want to enter a team – and there is always room and great appreciation for flag waving supporters in the crowd!
  • Companies can offer match funding to any of their staff who get involved in fundraising for the charity.
  • Volunteer collectors for events – we would very much like to extend awareness of A-T and have street collections to support this throughout the country.  We are very happy to work with your company to organize the appropriate street collection licences if you are willing to provide volunteers for the collection.  
  • We are keen to work with companies to support us with skills to enable us to extend our work – networking, copywriting, design and presentation skills would all be gratefully received.
  • Get your staff involved in teambuilding fundraising events and challenges.
  • Can your company help us with Networking to raise awareness?
  • Use email footers and also Facebook and Twitter promotion – and consider including information about A-T on your website to emphasise your CSR involvement with the charity.
  • Organise in-house or external events and presentations with a charity link - dinner, a ball, awards evening.
  • Make a donation in lieu of sending Christmas cards.
  • Set up an online donation page and promote it in house and out to contacts/clients where appropriate
  • Use links with personalities or celebrities/well known business people and perhaps ask if they will mention the charity in their Twitter feed or attend an event supporting the charity
  • Give as you earn (payroll giving)
  • Setting up a standing order for regular donations
  • In house competition to see who can raise the most - with a really juicy prize at the end funded by your company which people will WANT to win!
  • In house tournaments and challenges - you could even take this outside to other companies in the same field. Never underestimate the interest in raffles and cake sales within your company.
  • Help by funding marketing tools for us - for example we are due to order new balloons, leaflets, T shirts etc. - these could be funded by your company rather than the charity, leaving more of our funds available to support people with A-T.
  • Then there are the 'useful bits and pieces' which every business needs to keep going, for example stationery, printer cartridges etc. e.g. we will need to order lanyards for badges for our family weekend... if your company has branded lanyards, we could use those instead of buying our own.
  • Do you have products we might be able to use as raffle prizes or to put in goody bags for children or adults?