Who do you know?

The A-T Society has a fantastic track record of supporting A-T families and funding medical research.  In these changing times, we have toWho do you know image

extend our imagination and supporters far beyond people directly affected by A-T into the community, business, the media and public awareness.  There are so many ways we can all do this, and the fact is that  you are our best link into the wider world. 

A great way to start is to consider who you or your network of friends, family and even Facebook and Twitter friends might know..... Business leaders, people with influence, TV or media personalities even at a local level, sports people, a link to a charitable trust fund or a friend who is always up for a challenge? Have a look at our quick 'how you can help' guide for ideas

A few years ago, a casual chat amongst friends led to a link with a lady who worked on the production team of Strictly Come Dancing.  As a result professional dancer Camilla Dallerup agreed to attend a charity Christmas Fete which raised over £3000 in two hours.

  • Who are you following on Twitter or Facebook?  Sometimes a personal message to a celebrity can work wonders in terms of a re-tweet, raffle prize or even a personal appearance. 
  • Do your local papers print articles about people in your community who rise above adversity or do something amazing?  Perhaps they would publish a story for you. 
  • Local sixth forms, Rotary and Lions Groups are often keen to find people to talk at their meetings.  Would you be willing to tell them all about your experience of A-T or ask them to invite someone from the A-T Society to speak?  A few minutes in the spotlight can result in a donation, and even a long standing commitment to support. 
  • Has one of your friends hinted they want to climb Kilimanjaro or something similar?  Point them in our direction!
  • Have you been a long term supporter or played in a sports team which might organise a charity match for you?
  • Do you or anyone you know work for a bank?  Many banks will match the money raised by a fundraising event if one of their employees is involved.
  • Do you work for a company which has its own Trust or Foundation?  Asda and The First Group amongst others donate significant sums of money to charities of interest to their employees.


Sometimes the first step is just about believing you can make a difference!