The A-T research pipeline

It can be difficult to keep track of what is going on in the field of A-T research. So to try and bring as much information together in one place, and make it as simple as possible to understand, the A-T Society and the A-T Children's project have together produced an A-T Research and Therapy Pipeline document. This is a picture of it:


 Image of A-T research pipeline

The document sets out all the different research projects and initiatives that we are aware of, and colour codes them according to the particular area of research. It also shows you what stage the different projects have reached. By clicking on the picture, you can see the document itself and a summary of the project.

However please be aware that A-T is a complex condition and treatments for it tend to involve complex science, so we can't pretend that everything on the pipeline wil be easy to understand. However, it should give  a sense of what is going on and how far advanced the different areas are.

What may strike you first is that none of the projects is yet approaching the top of the chart and with it approval for new treatments. Unfortunately, this reflects the fact that at the moment there aren't any treatments almost ready. This is why the A-T Society is trying so hard to push forward A-T research and why it so important that you help us to do this.

But what is very encouraging is how broad the pipeline is - that is how many different research projects are going on at the moment, and that is real cause for optimism.  We hope that fairly soon some of these projects will start to climb quickly up the chart.