For Professionals

One of the A-T Society’s key roles is to provide information and support to the health, education and social care professionals who work with people affected by A-T.

There is a low prevalence of A-T with an estimated 200 cases in the UK.  Most professionals will have limited knowledge or be unaware of A-T when a person is referred to them. Infact, they may not see more than one person with A-T during their professional career unless they are involved with a family where siblings are affected.

Clinical care for people with A-T is a partnership between the two specialist clinics at Nottingham (paediatric) and Papworth (adult) which are supported by the A-T Society and local teams.

General information about the specialist clinics and care pathway for people with A-T, together with guidance for schools and teachers can be obtained from our Support Team, Kay Atkins (Family Support Manager) or Anne Murray (Family Support Co-ordinator), on 01582 760733 or email support


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