Our Scientific Advisory Board

The A-T Society is very fortunate to have the support of a very knowledgeable and experienced Scientific Advisory Board.

Role of the Board

The primary role of the Board is to advise the charity on its research strategy, policies and priorities. Members of the Board help us to maintain an overview of research being undertaken and techniques being developed around the world,  and to identify needs and opportunities for research and cooperation. They are also invaluable to the Society’s staff and volunteers in helping them to understand and interpret scientific findings, projects etc.

The Board also takes the lead in assesing applications to the Society for research funding and makes recommendations to the Board as to whether or not these should be agreed.


Prof. Penny Jeggo (Chair)


Prof. Penny Jeggo is the Chair the Board. She is based at the University of Sussex. Her research involves looking at how DNA repairs itself.

 Prof Penny Jeggo
Prof. Bobby Gaspar


Prof. Bobby Gaspar, of University College London is an expert on primary immunodeficiency diseases and genetic diagnostics.

 Prof Bobby Gaspar
Dr Anke Hensiek


Dr Anke Hensiek is a consultant neurologist. She works at several different hospitals including the adult A-T Centre at Papworth.

 Dr Anke Hensiek
Dr Rick Livesey


Dr Rick Livesey is based at the University of Cambridge’s Gurdon Institute. He is an expert on neurodegenerative diseases.

 Dr Rick Livesey
Vivienne Levy


Viv is a trustee of the A-T Society. She has a background in clinical research and  has worked in a range of roles in the pharmaceutical industry.

 Picture of Viv Levy
Prof. Malcolm Taylor


Prof. Malcolm Taylor, of the University of Birmingham, is one of the world’s leading experts on A-T. He studies the genetics of A-T and how this affects the condition.

 Prof Malcolm Taylor
Dr William Whitehouse



Dr William Whitehouse, of the  University of Nottingham, is part of the Nottingham A-T clinic. He has been central in the development of the AT Neurological Examination Scale Tool Toolkit (AT NEST).

 Dr William Whitehouse