A-T Society interviewed by The Guardian newspaper about housing crisis

Publication date: 14 March 2017

The dire problems faced by many families living with A-T in getting suitable housing was highlighted today by the Guardian newspaper. The report features a number of cases where parents have been left carrying grown children up and down stairs and even injuring themselves as councils and housing associations refuse to accept responsibility to adapt properties. A-T Society chief executive William Davis says ‘This housing crisis for people with disabilities is getting worse every day and our support team spend more and more time fighting to get families homes where they can live with dignity. It’s great that the Guardian has chosen to highlight this issue. Let’s hope that it kick-starts some change. We will be working with other organisations to go on highlighting the problem.’ 

You can read the full article here www.theguardian.com/society/2017/mar/15/disabled-people-suffer-inaccessible-social-housing.

If you've been having problems in this area, need support, or have a story to tell us, please contact support@atsociety.org.uk

 The Guardian Housing Crisis Interview

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