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There are two A-T specialist centres in the UK, which are now fully funded by the NHS.  The centres have built up considerable experience and expertise in A-T together with developing better management of the condition. The children's centre is based at Nottingham City Hospital and the adult centre  at Papworth Hospital, Cambridge. The A-T Society was instrumental in setting up and developing both of the centres and continues to work in collaboration with the NHS to constantly review and progress the quality of care for patients. We also arrange appointments at the centres and fund transport/accommodation costs.

Both centres offer multidiciplinary medical assessments; at Nottingham (the children's centre) there are 6 clinics per year, held over 2 days as an outpatient, where the child would attend soon after diagnosis and be recalled every 2 years. At Papworth there are individual booked appointments, staying as an inpatient for 3 days/2 nights where the patient would attend soon after diagnosis and be recalled every year.

By seeing good numbers of patients on a regular basis, the specialist centres have built up a knowledge of A-T and how it affects individuals. This is a vital resource in improving our understanding of the condition and how it can best be treated.  It is also an essential part of keeping people with A-T 'well'  in order to maintain the best possible quality of life.  Both centres are actively involved in clinical research and have a world-wide reputation as leading centres in the treatment of A-T.


We would encourage a referral to one of these centres as soon as possible after diagnosis. The advice given at each centre is invaluable for the patients health, for example; prevention of infections and to keep them as well as possible, now and in the future. Referrals can be made through the A-T Society or directly to the relevant centre (see links below).

If your patient/client lives outside of the UK it may still be possible for them to attend one of these centres, either through the European system or as a private patient,  please contact us and we will do our best to help.

For further information or to book an appointment at one of the centres please contact Kay or Anne on 01582 760733 or email support

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A-T specialist centre - Papworth, Cambridge (adults)

A-T specialist centre - Nottingham (children)


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