Managing A-T

A-T is a complex condition affecting the body in many different ways. There are aspects of A-T which we are only just beginning to understand. Nevertheless, in partnership with colleagues overseas, specialists in the UK are beginning to build up a good clinical understanding of many characteristics of the condition and expertise in treating it.

In October 2014, the A-T Society published the first ever clinical guidance booklet on treating A-T. The guidance sections were written by experts from Nottingham and by Professor Malcolm Taylor from the University of Birmingham and the booklet was written and edited by the A-T Society. The clinical guidance booklet aims to ensure a consistent approach to monitoring and treating children with A-T in line with current best practise. Once this is achieved, it is likely that it will lead to improvements in the health and longevity of people with A-T.  

To download a PDF version of the clinical guidance booklet simply click on the image or, to order a hard copy, please email or phone us on 01582 760733.  

Clinical Guidance Brochure




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