Let's... have a party

Holding a fundraising party offers a fantastic opportunity to raise vital funds for the A-T Society and bring your friends, family and community together for a great event.Garden party

You can choose to theme it, especially if it fits in with a special time of year - it could be a birthday party, a Christmas party or how about a seasonal, international or superhero theme?

Getting started, booking the party and setting the date….

Does your party need a Theme?

There are certain times of year like Christmas, Easter and Halloween where it might be appropriate to have a theme, but you could just as easily host an informal lunch or dinner party at home for friends without one.  It all depends what you feel will work best for your guests and your event.

Venue – small, medium or large?

Deciding where you will hold your party will have a big impact on the money you raise and the kind of party you are having. Schools, universities, and local halls are all great venues and remember there is always your own home or garden. Some venues will let you have space for free, you just have to pay for drinks/food on the evening. Hotels may want a deposit so make sure the party will still make money for the charity when all the costs are worked out.

Once you have booked a venue this will give you a basis for how many people you can invite (but remember do not book a large venue if you only know a few people as selling tickets can be hard).

Fundraising Plans, there are lots of ways to raise money for the A-T Society

  • Charge admission
  • Sell drinks and food
  • Hold a raffle
  • Have an auction
  • Have a balloon race and charge per balloon
  • Themed quiz
  • Charge for goody bags but get the items for free
  • Approach local businesses for auction/raffle prizes, or free drinks on the evening

 On the day….

Make sure you have allowed time before and after the party to help decorate the venue, set up the tables and check on the food. The more you do before the event the more efficiently the evening will run.

Delegate jobs to volunteers, friends or family so you don’t try to do everything yourself or become overwhelmed.

Remember you can contact us to order balloons to help decorate the venue. Napkins and other party items can be bought on a budget and still look great and your guests will notice your attention to detail without blowing the budget!