Contacting a specialist

A key responsibility of the multi-disciplinary teams at the A-T specialist centres is to liaise with local doctors and other health and social care practitioners regarding the care of people with A-T. Team members are available to take calls or e-mails from local professionals who have questions about the condition or how to treat it.

Professionals available at the two centres are:

Nottingham City Hospital (paediatric service)

  • Dr Mohnish Suri - Geneticist  (Clinic Director)
  • Dr Jayesh Bhatt - Respiratory Physician
  • Dr Andrew Bush - Respiratory Physician
  • Dr Liz McDermott - Immunologist 
  • Lucy Cliffe - Immunologist
  • Dr William Whitehouse - Neurologist
  • Dr Gabby Chow - Neurologist
  • Sarah Jessop - Occupational Therapist
  • Janet Corderoy - Physiotherapist
  • Annette Brown - Speech & Language Therapist
  • Alison Tooke - Dietitian
  • Jane Flint - Psychotherapist
  • Sarah Spencer - Specialist Respiratory Nurse
  • Nicola McNarry - Specialist Respiratory Physiotherapist


Papworth Hospital (adult service)

    • Natasha Everett - Clinic Administrator 
    • Dr Nick Oscroft - Respiratory Consultant
    • Dr Helen Baxendale - Immunologist
    • Dr Anke Hensiek- Neurologist
    • Jenny Barradell - Occupational Therapist
    • Lorna Brown- Physiotherapist
    • Corinne Gaston - Speech & Language Therapist
    • Steve Cardy -Social Worker
    • Penny Martin - Social Worker

In addition to the staff at the centres, we may be able to help put you in touch with doctors who have dealt with specific issues, such as treating cancers in people with A-T, treating scoliosis or other operations. We are also in regular contact with specialists abroad.


To speak to someone, in the first instance, please contact our 'Support Team' Kay Atkins (Family Support Manager) or Anne Murray (Family Support Co-ordinator) on 01582 760733 or email support

Dr Monish Suri









Dr Mohnish Suri - Director

Nottingham Specialist Centre


Dr William Whitehouse


Dr William Whitehouse - Neurologist - Nottingham Specialist Centre 


Anke Hensiek

Dr Anke Hensiek - Neurologist - Papworth Specialist Centre