Our Trustees and Patrons

 Our Trustees 

The Board of Trustees is responsible for overseeing the management of the charity to ensure it is effective in doing the job that it was set up to do. It is also their job to make sure that the A-T Society has the money necessary to carry out its work and that it is doing so in accordance with all the laws and regulations. So no small job...

Our trustees bring a wide range of skills and experience and there is a good balance of people who live with A-T and people who don't. Each trustee plays a key role in the running of the charity and they passionately believe in the support services we provide to families, professionals and researchers and the investments we make into research projects.



Michael Detsiny (Chairman)

Mike Detsiny’s background is business specialising particularly in Marketing and Communications. He worked at a senior level for Smiths Food Group where he reintroduced the little blue bag of salt into Smiths Crisps, for Cadbury where he was responsible for the launch of Wispa and for Allied Breweries where he negotiated the introduction of Castlemaine XXXX into the UK.

Midway through his career he decided to leave corporate life and started his own advertising company, The Creative Business. It grew to become one of the largest independent agencies in the UK.

In the last few years he has devoted much of his efforts to the charity sector and is Chairman of his local MS Society and has also been CEO of a charity working with adults with learning difficulties. Much of his time is now spent as Chairman of his local parish council.

Mike has three children and lives in a tiny village in the Chilterns. He enjoys walking his three dogs and has been a season ticket holder of the football club he supports for over sixty years!

 Picture of Mike Detsiny

Andrew Mills (Treasurer)

I am the director of a specialised financial research company and an expert on the UK financial sector.  I am based near the A-T Society in Harpenden, but work for clients across Europe, the US and Asia.  Before starting my current business I spent twelve years working for global professional services firms.  During that time I worked in a succession of roles, first as an auditor and then as a financial analyst.  I am a Chartered Accountant and a member of the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment. I have prior experience as a charitable trustee, having spent five years on the board of a development charity as it went through a period of rapid growth.  I hope that my professional and charitable experience will help the Society to expand and deliver greater benefits to those living with A-T.

 Photo of Andrew Mills in red sweatshirt

Linda Clarke

Linda has over twenty five years experience working for charities as a volunteer, manager and trustee. For some ten years, until 2012, she was the Director of a small national charity providing specialist services for disabled people. She is currently a Trustee of an organisation providing housing and supported living for disabled adults and vulnerable people.   Linda is interested in social policy and social welfare issues and believes that every adult and child should have access to the opportunities to fulfil their potential whatever their circumstances.   Currently living in St Albans, Linda is delighted to be joining A-T Society and hopes that her skills and experience will assist the governance and development of the charity.



Lynda Finn

Formerly head of education for a national neurological organisation, Lynda has also worked elsewhere in the health-related voluntary sector and as a nurse and lecturer in further education.  She is keen to see high quality health and social care available to everyone who needs it, especially those living with complex, rare, disabling conditions which may not attract large resources.


 Lynda Finn

Penny Jeggo

I am a senior scientist at the Genome Damage and Stability Centre, part of the University of Sussex. I have worked on the DNA damage response following exposure to ionising radiation for many years. The protein defective in A-T, ATM, lies at the core of this response and so my research, although not focused specifically on ATM, has centred on the cellular processes that involve ATM. I am now winding down towards retirement but continue to run a smaller research laboratory. I have been amazed by the strength of character and spirit of A-T patients and their families and would like to contribute to the A-T society at this later stage of my career and as I hope to gain more free time. I hope that my scientific expertise and experience can be of value to the society.

 Emma Ross

Hasita Senanayake

I am involved in the A-T Society primarily because our son suffers from A-T and I would like to make sure I can lend a hand in the development of the A-T Society. Essentially I want to support the charity that as a family we benefited a lot from when we were told of our son’s condition 8 years ago.  



 Hasita Senanayake

Lian Yarlett

Having become involved with fundraising for the A-T Society following my youngest daughter's diagnosis, I was asked to become a trustee in 2006.  In 2011 I became Chairman of the Board, a new and challenging role for me. I enjoyed the role very much but was happy to hand the responsibility on to Mike Detsiny in 2015. The support of a strong board, with a mix of people with professional skills and experience of living with A-T, means we are in the best position to make a difference, to take the Society forward, and to support William, the staff and volunteers who make everything happen.


 Picture of Lian Yarlett


Our Patrons

A patron is a celebrity or person of influence who is willing to be a figurehead for the charity. This is an ongoing relationship and the patron and charity build up a working relationship which works for both parties.

A patron is not a trustee and they do not have any responsibility for the management of the organisation and none of the legal responsibilities of the trustees.  Their purpose is to lend credibility and raise the profile of the A-T Society. This will be of tremendous help with fundraising, campaigning and public relations.  


We are delighted to have the support of our Patrons

The Lord Bilimoria of Chelsea CBE DL

Mr Brian Conley

Mrs Joan Morecambe

The Lady Parkinson DL

Revd Paul Thomas OBE 

Ms Susannah Harker 


Becoming a Patron

We would be delighted to welcome new Patrons to support the A-T Society.  If you are interested in taking an active role in raising the profile of the A-T Society please contact us.