Areas of A-T Research

A-T is a complex genetic disorder, affecting a number of different systems in the body. This means that we are not likely to find a single drug which will 'cure' A-T at a single stroke. As is the case with many conditions, it is likely that progress will come on a number of different fronts and that we will build up our ability to manage A-T  successfully, gradually reducing its impact until a means is found either to eliminate its effects entirely or at least to ensure a minimal impact on quality and length of life.

 The A-T Society aims to support research in a number of different areas, which hold promise both in providing short-term improvements and in delivering long-term solutions to problems posed by A-T. In this section, we look at some of the most important of these areas:

What is gene therapy

Stem Cells in A-T Research

Mechanisms of AT

Potential Drugs

The A-T research pipeline