Amy Amy

Hello, My name is Amy, I'm 20 years old. I have Ataxia Telangeictasia. I have the mild form of A-T,  I've known about my disorder since I was 2.  As I was growing up I knew I had limitations of what I could and couldn't do. I started asking mum and dad questions about A-T when i was at secondary school. Mum and dad only told me what I wanted to know as they didn't want to bring me down with my disorder, and wanted me to enjoy life, mum and dad said it was for them to worry about at this stage, not me.

I don't like when people  judge you before they get to know you. Having and living with A-T doesn't stop me from doing the things I love, I do go out with my friends and my boyfriend and we go out drinking, shopping and to the cinema etc.

I am not in a wheelchair, (as I have a mild form of A-T).  I'm a very independent young lady, I can do pretty much anything I want to do within reason, I can walk but tire easily, I can talk but sometimes when I'm tired and when I'm ill my speech get slurred, my immune system is incredibly low, when I'm cold its hard to get warm.   Most A-T children and young adults suffer from a low immune system.

I went to mainstream  primary and secondary school, my school life was not easy.  I felt my teachers didn't understand, it was hard because I had no one to talk too, I felt like I didn't fit in. I always knew I had limitations and I had difficultly keeping up with my friends.

After I left school I went to a mainstream college, that was so painful because I had to fight for a place on the course i wanted to do because of my disability, I got told I had to prove myself for six weeks, I thought that was ridiculous, just because I have a disability that doesn't mean I'm dumb! I actually proved them all wrong I finished and passed both  level 1 and level  2, Cache child care and education. I got told I was not capable to do level 3, I also got told I could never work with children unless it was voluntary.  

To be honest I think I was capable of working properly with children, but that college was not suitable for me or my disability. Then I stayed on for a third year to redo my English GCSE, that was not too bad, everyone on the course accepted me for who I am and so did the tutor. I had to think what I was going to do when I left college, my friend from the A-T Family Weekend said that she went to a specialist college that met all her individual needs. She said look on Nat-spec.  There I found many colleges, there was one that stood out to me which was Treloars college. I had a lot of trouble getting here, but now I here I'm enjoying my experience . I have loads of lovely friends, all with mixed abilities.