Research presentations

On Friday 22 of June we were able to film some of the presentations at the conference, due to the kindness of Rory Green of Simmons and Simmons Solicitors who very generously donated his time to come and shoot and then edit the films of the presentations.We feel that these films will be of great value to those with an interest in A-T research who were unable to attend the conference to see these presentations.

Unfortunately, with a single camera we were unable to film both speakers and the slides they refer to, but for the most part the presentations can be well followed without being able to see the slides. We were also for a number of reasons unable to film the round table discussion.

Stem cells and gene therapy

Rick Livesey, Gurdon Institute, Cambridge University

Human stem cell models of cerebral cortex development and disease


Alastair Wilkins, University of Bristol

Stem cells and neuro-protection in degenerative ataxias


Martin Lavin, Queensland Institute of Medical Research

Stem-cell derived neuronal cells as a tool to study the pathogenesis of A-T


Giovanna Mallucci, University of Leicester

Proteostatic approaches to prevent neurodegeneration


Neurology, clinical aspects

Michèl Willemsen, St RadboudUniveristy Hospital, Nijmegen

Insight from clinical and post-mortem studies


William Whitehouse, Nottingham University Hospitals,

Standardised clinical assessments


Tom Crawford, Johns Hopkins University Hospital

Assessment of Eye-movement disorders in A-T


Kate Sinclair, Royal Children's Hospital, Brisbane

Lessons from Friedreich's Ataxia



Louise Izatt, Guy's Hospital, London

Breast cancer and A-T 


Malcolm Taylor, University of Birmingham

Cancer Risk in A-T